Why facebook is pretty much a waste of time! but useful in some ways

@EddieHands (36350)
United States
May 2, 2017 6:30pm CST
Pretty much if you are a promoter and you promote on facebook it's a waste. Facebook is dead. And also people hardly ever see the posts. Because facebook wants to charge people to make their post seen to people already on their list! which is not worth it. But you can get around this, by posting on big like pages, and groups with lots of active members. That is the key to still get traffic and make money on facebook. But posting to the timeline is pretty useless.
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@FourWalls (12016)
• United States
3 May
I think a lot of people stopped using Facebook so much when everything got so heated during the presidential election last year. I didn't "unfriend" anyone, but I did "un-follow" them so I didn't have to see their rants.
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@JohnRoberts (46811)
• Los Angeles, California
3 May
I wish Facebook would go away.
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@Deepizzaguy (9816)
• Lake Charles, Louisiana
2 May
I just post my work here on Pinterest and Twitter. Posting on Facebook is like talking to a wall. No reply.
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@nomus24g (19490)
• India
2 May
I dont think FB is a waste...they are up and running in terms of revenues, which clearly tells that, they have enough visitors
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