Stop the blame

@piyaya30 (131)
London, England
May 4, 2017 9:53am CST
You have a freedom to choose. Choices that could help you to move on from your past. I totally moved on and I am not looking back coz what is done is done. We can't build a healthy and loving relationship if you keep on stepping backwards. I am holding your hands and pulling you to move forward.. So please, help yourself, don't trap your self and mind on the past. Leave it behind because it brings no good for us. You will just keep on hurting me evertime you look back and I dont want to wake up one day telling my self I should leave. Fighting and arguing over an ex is not helpful and healthy. Its ruining us, its ruining your trust. So please. Walk together with me! Leave her behind!
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@megatron777 (3768)
• Guam
4 May 17
You are right. There is no other way but to move forward. Good luck!
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@MALUSE (46979)
• Uzbekistan
4 May 17
Or: Leave 'him' behind! :-)
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@Shavkat (69493)
• Philippines
5 May 17
I think it is not healthy to dwell on the past. What's matter most is the present and the future.