Whatever - it just doesn't seem to matter!

@Trensue (5253)
United States
May 15, 2017 8:33am CST
Do you ever just give up on a project and assume it was never meant to be? I think that is where I am. Yes I invested money. No it is not worth the time. I think maybe it should be a lesson learned and move on.
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• United States
15 May 17
It depends on the project. If I'm working on a craft sometimes putting it away and then working on it at a later date works.
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@m_audrey6788 (15331)
• Philippines
15 May 17
Well I never gave up on a project not until the project gave up on me..hehehe..but never loose hope..I just do not know how heavy is the problem you have but as the saying goes "Whenever there is a problem there will always a solution"
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@Essjayd (1619)
15 May 17
Depends on the project! If it's something that is costing or losing me money I'd probably let it go and move on. If it wasn't costing me I might leave it and try again to complete it in future.