Favorite Music Videos : Songs About Trains

Austin, Texas
May 27, 2017 4:25pm CST
My significant other enjoys playing the guitar. He also has a very good tenor voice. He doesn't play as much as he used to in his younger days. But from the time that we have been in a relationship he has this quirky habit. He'll take a popular song and change the words substituting his own lyrics. He used to do that so often that – it's a good thing song lyrics can be researched on the Internet. That way the real lyrics can be verified. (So many arguments get settled that way.) That's his first quirk. His other quirk is when he's singing a song and changing the words, he always ends up throwing in the word “train”. Riding a train. Catching a train. Meeting someone at the train station. The word “train” somehow works its way into his revised lyrics. It's not all that bad. Until ... he messes with songs that really do have the word “train” in it! That's where the line is drawn. Meddle with these songs and it's all over!!! Like this one by the late Curtis Mayfield (1942 – 1999). “People Get Ready”
Almost a preacher as Curtis Mayfield imo was. Good choice this moment...
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@teamfreak16 (40872)
• Colorado Springs, Colorado
27 May 17
I have a video series ready to go. Thanks for the Curtis Mayfield. Always a treat!
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• United States
27 May 17
Aw love that song Moneyspinner. And I love trains too..always enchanted by them, the old ones.
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