Bedtime thinking.

@xFiacre (10372)
June 26, 2017 4:33pm CST
It's going on for bedtime and I'm getting a bit annoyed because I'm starting to wonder if truth and reality are the same thing after all. You can never be too sure about these things. It's a bit like when Michael Ginzberg cut off his right nipple and gave it to Peggy Olsen and made her cry. That was reality all right, but his actions seem to have been predicated upon the untruth that the installation of a computer in their office was turning people homosexual. So we wonder what truth is and that takes me back to a maths class were the teacher explained logarithms inadequately then asked if there were any questions. One annoying brat piped up, "Sir, what is truth?" Truth that day was that the teacher lost his toe that far up him that the poor boy thought he was choking. He didn't care for reality after that. Or logarithims.
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• Lakewood, Colorado
26 Jun
Sometimes it is best not to ask questions.
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27 Jun
Careful now, the Matrix will not be happy with your questioning. You will be punished.
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@shivamani10 (9961)
• Hyderabad, India
27 Jun
The reality is true as long as you live on this planet.
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@Courtlynn (47143)
• United States
26 Jun
Goodnight. Sweet dreams
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@jaboUK (50127)
• United Kingdom
26 Jun
Love the way you write, though I've not heard about the Michael Ginzberg incident.
@pgntwo (21463)
• Derry, Northern Ireland
26 Jun
Have you ever heard anyone truly "speak now or forever hold your peace"?