Good morning, dear lotters.

@marguicha (88196)
July 14, 2017 9:19am CST
I´m resting for a while while the kids get ready. My throat hurts a bit, probably due to the smoke saturated air at the casino. So now I´m going to the pool to take some sun. I have been reading the news from Santiago and, in a city where it never snows, there will be snow this weekend. Poor plants! Probably some will not survive and Leticia will not come on weekends. We also missed a big earthquake. 5.7 Richter. Nothing to worry for me, but still I would have run out.
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@silvermist (18152)
• India
14 Jul
Good news about missing the earthquake.But that snow is not good for the plants.
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@ilocosboy (34345)
• Philippines
14 Jul
seems like a busy morning to you
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@BelleStarr (36122)
• Portland, Connecticut
15 Jul
Well, I am glad that you missed the earthquake.
@manandezo (671)
• Petropolis, Brazil
14 Jul
Hope you recover soon from the sore and also I hope all is good in Santiago. I miss so much that city and I need to visit it again!
@Corbin5 (96266)
• United States
14 Jul
You really did escape some bad weather and that earthquake. Enjoy the sun and the pool!
@andriaperry (43657)
• United States
14 Jul
Yes that smoke will do that to your throat. Feel better and have fun!
@Courtlynn (65133)
• United States
14 Jul
Oooh i love snow.
• Jacksonville, Florida
14 Jul
I hope your throat feels better soon. I hope you enjoy your time at the pool. =)
• Ponce De Leon, Florida
14 Jul
How much longer until you return home?
@Marty1 (31404)
• Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
14 Jul
Hope you have fun at the pool today Glad you were not affected by the earthquake!