The Last Letter

@RasmaSandra (20337)
Daytona Beach, Florida
July 27, 2017 3:55pm CST
Continuation of my parents story. Elvira was to receive one more letter from Andrejs before the war all swept them every which way. October 15, 1944 Sending my hellos to you Elvi. Live your life like you know how to and are able to. Our paths have always gone separate ways and as of today perhaps they will never cross again. Be strong I have never been able to give you anything. You have earned the right to be loved but so far have gotten nothing. He emphasis the need to remain Latvian and truthful to their homeland. He tells Elvira that he met her mother on October 8th and that Riga fell on October 13th. He wishes to know about the fate of other Latvians and lets her know that he will be on the front lines. Eventually they did meet again. When Andrejs met Elvira’s mother he left some personal things with her. I guess hoping at some time they would all be together. This concludes these brief moments when the three of them were still on Latvian soil. Afterwards like scattered seeds Andrejs eventually made it to Sweden and Elvira to Germany in the DP Camps until she once again met Eriks and knew they would spend their lives together. Photo of Elvira and Eriks in Germany
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• United States
27 Jul 17
I am so glad they were able to be reunited even through all this war.
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@RasmaSandra (20337)
• Daytona Beach, Florida
29 Jul 17
I believe that if it hadn't been for my mom meeting with my dad she would have felt lost and perhaps would not know how to get through it all. Dad was a great support for her @TiarasOceanView
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