Oh yikes

Peoria, Arizona
August 10, 2017 7:34pm CST
While I was over at my grandma's I was taking a break from crocheting and decided to check notifications on facebook. I saw that my dad had posted on facebook and I thought that it was going to be his usual posting of, "excited to be looking for the yeller stuff" The yeller stuff being, gold because his hobby is going gold mining! But instead of seeing that, I see that apparently my step mom had to be taken to the ER. And that worried me a little bit. My step mom has a bit of health problems but is a trooper and hearing she had to go to the hospital is scary. Apparently she was suffering abdominal pain and she as there for a bit and it turns out she was dealing with UTI (owwie) and a beginning of a hernia (big owwie) She was discharged last night and don't really have anymore updates from that. I believe she is doing fine though, I'm sure my dad was there to take care of her today and i hope she is feeling better and heals up soon.
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@Tracy04 (10804)
• Malaysia
11 Aug
Hope she is feeling better soon.
@dollaboy (6232)
11 Aug
I think you can call him to get more updates, Glad she's fine
@celticeagle (118231)
• Boise, Idaho
11 Aug
Glad she is okay. These things can be so scary.
@Courtlynn (66091)
• United States
11 Aug
Uti's suck! I hope she's better soon
• Japan
11 Aug
Hope she feels better soon!
@maezee (32251)
• United States
11 Aug
How scary. My thoughts going out to you and your fam!
@BarBaraPrz (19824)
• St. Catharines, Ontario
11 Aug
You had to read that on FB? Why didn't he call? Anyway, I hope she feels better.
@marguicha (94457)
• Chile
11 Aug
I suppose that if the hospital discharged her, she doesn´t need surgery.