Listening to Music, Drinking Coffee & Working Online!

Milbridge, Maine
August 14, 2017 5:13pm CST
I enjoy my self so much working online when i have peace and quiet and sipping on some hot Coffee specially when i'm writing here on myLot. Do any of you enjoy working online? What do you drink while working online?
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@Hannihar (41898)
26 Aug
@RussellChambers I love to turn Netflix on on the TV while working on My Lot and work here and look over at the TV to see what is going on.
@miyaford (297)
• Nashville, Tennessee
19 Aug 17
I love working from the comfort of my home and yes I sip on juice not coffee. I wish I could actually find a well-paying job that would pay a good salary to actually work from home instead of leaving my home and driving to work.
@Tracy04 (10815)
• Malaysia
16 Aug 17
When I'm working online, I will also listen to some music.
@dgobucks226 (13746)
15 Aug 17
Sounds like a nice way to enjoy online time. I usually will drink hot tea and listen to music.
@resukill22 (4857)
15 Aug 17
While on my online job I eat French fries and juices
@Neiltarquin (1091)
• Rass, Saudi Arabia
15 Aug 17
Mine is lemon water. I am also eating my dinner while I'm working online.
@allen0187 (33914)
• Philippines
15 Aug 17
I really enjoy working online as it gives me a chance to write. I seldom drink anything while writing but when I do, it is usually a glass of water.
@Deepizzaguy (14957)
• Lake Charles, Louisiana
14 Aug 17
Basically iced tea and water and listening to 70s or 60s music.
@JolietJake (51107)
• United States
14 Aug 17
I start every day out online by posting a Morning Coughee Moment video on facebook. With some tunes playing in the background. I usually lay off the caffeine after noon because if I don't I can't get to sleep later, so I drink flavored water...and listen to music.
@mandala100 (50408)
• Hong Kong
14 Aug 17
@RussellChambers Yes my friend and working online is an individual job and could be lonely sometimes but thanks goodness I have either coffee or tea with me plus some biscuits and some background music and that will be perfect for me my friend.