The Dollar Store

@Susan2015 (20161)
United States
August 22, 2017 6:10am CST
We went to the Dollar Tree store on Saturday too. I really like that store. We bought a few things in there. We go there a once in a while. It’s really nice to go in there and see all the neat things they have.
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@JohnRoberts (52131)
• Los Angeles, California
22 Aug
I like the Dollar Tree. Many useful items for just a buck that costs much more at other stores.
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@mandala100 (35920)
• Hong Kong
22 Aug
@Susan2015 That's good to hear my friend. Are the stuff in Dollar Store cheaper compared to other store my friend?
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@Hannihar (29696)
22 Aug
We have a couple here in Jerusalem. They care called the shekel store here. I have gone to them but did not always something.
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@Asylum (48282)
• Manchester, England
22 Aug
We have a similar store here in England, called a Pound Shop. The bulk of the items are cheap rubbish, but they do have some good value items as well. It is always worth a visit.
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@kobesbuddy (40736)
• East Tawas, Michigan
23 Aug
@Susan2015 I love our Dollar Store! They have some pretty good buys, so I like to shop there:)
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@Corbin5 (99913)
• United States
22 Aug
I like Dollar Tree too. So many items from which to choose there.
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• United States
23 Aug
There is a Dollar Tree here but too far away I would have to get the bus. Everything in it is exactly $1 and they have a lot of nice things.
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@jstory07 (65286)
• Roseburg, Oregon
28 Aug
I buy all of my cleaning supplies there. I love Dollar Tree.