When You Become a Mindless Sheep

@tallawah (9334)
Kingston, Jamaica
September 5, 2017 3:25pm CST
Some years ago, a chap was running for political office. I knew about the chap, I knew the chap; if the chap saw me, he could call me by name. I say this so that I clarify that I am not talking about someone I never met. This was a bad dude, and I could tell you why. A friend of mine married a woman I'll call Pearl. Pearl was one of these people who give her loyalty to a political party and a leader, and become a mindless sheep. Pearl could get LOUD in her defence of this chap, and to be honest, my friend's father once told me; "When you argue with an Idiot, it is hard to remember who is the idiot." Hence I didn't argue with her. The Chap was elected and did a number of very questionable things. The public was turning against him. But Pearl was as vocal in 'defense' of this guy. Now I knew that the Party demanded his resignation, and that a meeting was going on right now. Pearl didn't know, and because I have a rather wicked streak, I asked her if she thought his Party would ask him to resign. Loud as usual, Pearl went on a long diatribe of why his Party would never ask him to resign and why he should not resign. The meeting had ended, I was pinched he had resigned as would be replaced by Chap Two. Pearl's mouth was still going like a toilet with a broken flushometer. Shortly after, it was announced on the News that the Chap had resigned and had been replaced by Chap Two. Pearl was not finished with her diatribe. Interjecting I said, 'Oh, by the way, did you hear the News?" "What News?" she barks. "That Chap had resigned and was replaced by Chap Two." "A lie!" she shouts. I cut the conversation, cracked up, and waited for the next day, when she would twist herself into a pretzel arguing about what she didn't know. This kind of mindless sheep is not confined to the pastures of Jamaica. These sheep also can be found in America. Where mindless sheep blindly follow and agree to whatever drool comes out of Trump's mouth. And when Trump changes his mouth, they get whiplash trying to explain, defend and otherwise persist in their stupidity.
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@dodoazo (21461)
• Philippines
5 Sep 17
In our own locality where I live a myriad of political "mindless sheep" are occupying seats in the city council. I wonder why the people have elected them to office.
@tallawah (9334)
• Kingston, Jamaica
5 Sep 17
it becomes surreal when people stop thinking.