Amazon KDP ebook payment

By chun
@jackchun (514)
Hong Kong
September 7, 2017 10:52pm CST
In Amazon KDP program, when you write ebooks, then your can sell your ebooks here without paying any initial fee. And after any successful sales of your ebooks, you will get a portion of your sales earning, until you reach 100 USD minimum threshold. Then you can withdraw your funds accumulated there. Amazon KDP has three payment options : Direct deposit, Bank wire transfer and Cheque. But for the first two options, most countries cannot support this payment method, so most countries ebook writers can only use cheque to receive payment. But within this month , Amazon kdp said , after 2017, Cheque as the payout method will be phased out due to the inefficiency. Thus, many countries users will not be able to receive payment. So what can we do after the start of 2018 in Amazon kdp if we still continue and want to cashout there? Thx very much for advice.
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@Kahl39 (1291)
• Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
8 Sep 17
This discussion definitely interest me because I have some books manuscript ready but I am still looking for the right publisher to do it. Well, it seems Amazon KDP is problematic then if payment by cheque is no longer available. If they continue to do it then it would sound like a scam unless they will do something about making all countries avail of other two methods of payment options.
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@jackchun (514)
• Hong Kong
15 Sep 17
thx for your idea. And have you contact Amazon KDP and is there any answers ? thx