Good morning 9/14/17

@riverwild (2485)
September 14, 2017 12:47pm CST
Still not getting enough sleep. My mind just races and I'd rather be awake. Which is strange, because normally love sleeping. My boyfriend wants me to call and try to get an earlier appointment with my psychiatrist, because he thinks I'm manic. I probably am. I probably need a mood stablizer, something I've never taken. I actually feel pretty good the last couple days. But I've been manic before,and it can turn bad quickly. I got two more quizzes published. I've written one more but haven't put it into review yet. It is too similar to someone else's(although the questions are totally different, it just has a similar topic, so I will wait a few days on that one. I also published one short personal essay. I put up two more pieces for review, one a poem and one an essay on spirituality. This seems to be the right venue for this type of writing, which I like to do. Still nothing in my balance though, which concerns me a little. I will give it to the end of the month though and see what happens. Today I am going to research for two new quizzes. I have one good topic, I am still brainstorming for another. Hopefully I will get them in review by tonight. It is the research that takes time. I already messed up on one question in my fruit quiz, so I need to be more careful. I need to deep clean the kitchen today, I hope I have time for writing.
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@Christinb (400)
14 Sep 17
Which site is it that you submit your writing
@riverwild (2485)
14 Sep 17
virily. I just joined a couple days ago. It is a relatively new site, so I am not sure about it yet. I like it though so far. You can post quizzes, lists, photos, videos, articles, poems. Maybe more.
@prashu228 (25503)
• India
15 Sep 17
Hope you got the appointment. My day is quite busy..
@Courtlynn (55252)
• United States
14 Sep 17
Hope you can get done all that you want to, and that you talk to your doctor about your sleeping.