How many languages can you speak

October 5, 2017 3:57am CST
I love to learn new languages because it eased the stress of communication.It appalling that apart from my native language and English language which is an official language in my country,I can't boast of speaking another.Will love to acquire more. How many languages can you speak and how did you go about learning the new ones?
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@Llorakay (239)
• Makati, Philippines
5 Oct 17
For our local dialect 2 but I can do only 2 Tagalog (Philippine Language) and English
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• Japan
5 Oct 17
I grew up speaking Engish and French since my mother taught French. I also studied German, sign language, Biblical Hebrew and Japanese. Right now I am only fluent in Japanese and English but can read the others.
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@cahaya1983 (10015)
• Malaysia
5 Oct 17
Two, Malay and English. I can read and write in Arabic but can't converse in it very well.
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@Shavkat (69496)
• Philippines
5 Oct 17
I can speak five languages and three dialects. I learned by just listening and talking to the locals.
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@sanyai (53)
• Serbia
19 Oct 17
I speak Serbian,Spanish,English,Bulgarian,Macedonian and Russian.
20 Oct 17
Wow,lovely. Will love to learn Spanish. How did you go about achieving that?
@fearjp (383)
6 Oct 17
The languages I know off is English and Spanish. I grew up knowing Spanish and learned English in school. Since I was in college, there was a student who was deaf and was friendly. I wanted to learn sign language ever since but I guess I was giving up since the last day of the semester.
@ourlot (989)
5 Oct 17
English, English imitating a Texan accent, English imitating a Mexican accent, English imitating a British accent, and English imitating a Scottish accent. That makes 5 in my book. My pals from the UK don't think it's even close to their accents, the Mexicans ask for taking care and not going too far.