Adorable Pumpkin Dolls

By Gill
@Gillygirl (17603)
Sutton, England
October 30, 2017 5:34pm CST
I don't participate if Halloween celebrations and have always thought of the 31st October as another opportunity for the stores to make money. However the above photo of my grandsons Charlie and George made me melt. They are the cutest little pumpkins ever. Simply adorable! Do you or members of your family embrace Halloweens day? If so what do you do to celebrate?
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@shaggin (38466)
• United States
14 Jan
Halloween was my late husbands favorite holiday. My kids really enjoy it as well but it is definitly a money maker for stores. The pumpkin dolls are absolutly adorable! Such a beautiful photo.
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@Gillygirl (17603)
• Sutton, England
14 Jan
Thank you, they are the apple of my eye.
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@Deepizzaguy (15481)
• Lake Charles, Louisiana
30 Oct 17
I like Halloween but due to lack of money my relatives only gave candy to my nephews school bus driver and his teachers.
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@paigea (22609)
• Canada
30 Oct 17
Very Very cute. We grew up celebrating Halloween and always had a lot of fun. I wish lots of kids would come by our house but they don't since we live way out in the country. We have some lights at the road and Jack-o-lanterns in the window and candy by the door just in case. I love seeing all the kids in their costumes.
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• United States
4 Oct
They are adorable and what are the plans for this years celebration ?
@bunnybon7 (37645)
• Holiday, Florida
8 Jan
this is a late response but my late hubby loved Halloween the best i think. he would dress up and get extra little toys to pass out with candy and i think he liked it as much as the kids. my daughter here is the same way. she celebrates big time and starts out planning early
@moffittjc (46072)
• Gainesville, Florida
11 Nov 17
Halloween is one of my favorite holidays of the year! I just love decorating the house and yard with scary decorations!
@DaddyEvil (26042)
• Aurora, Missouri
7 Nov 17
Aww... They are so cute, Gillian! My family have always participated in Trick or Treat for the kids. While Pretty was small I decorated the house/porch/yard and gave candy/light up toys as treats to the kids who came to our house. After the kids stopped coming to our door we had a party for the kids in Pretty's school class. While Pretty was away in college our city banned Trick or Treat because so many children were being hurt from foreign objects being inserted into candy or apples being given by some of the weirdos in our area. After she returned from college we didn't bother decorating or having parties anymore. Too much work I didn't feel up to doing anymore.
@DianneN (87634)
• United States
1 Nov 17
What a fabulous photo! They are adorable!!!!!!! We celebrated it with the kids when they were young. Now, my grandkids trick or treat. We just hand out candy. lol
@nangayo (2325)
• Nairobi, Kenya
31 Oct 17
I do not also participate in Halloween and have never seen my family do so. Your grandsons are so cute thy just blend with the colors.
@ridingbet (60562)
• Philippines
31 Oct 17
no, we don't celebrate Halloween. November 1nd 2 are the times that we go to the cemetery to visit our dearly departed family members.
• China
31 Oct 17
How lovely your grandsons are! They two sit on pumpkins and were disguised as pumpkins,they integrated themselves with those pumpkins.
@andriaperry (61048)
• Anniston, Alabama
31 Oct 17
I used to give out candy.
@toniganzon (53392)
• Philippines
31 Oct 17
We never celebrated halloween at all but we do celebrate All Saint's Day and we do that by going to the cemetery, pray for our departed loved ones, and prepare some native delicacies.
@jaboUK (55201)
• United Kingdom
31 Oct 17
What a gorgeous picture Gill, one to treasure
@JudyEv (136725)
• Bunbury, Australia
31 Oct 17
What a lovely photo! I'd be melting too. Halloween wasn't around when I was a kid and I view it the way you do - as a gross commercialisation racket.
@peachpurple (12772)
• Malaysia
31 Oct 17
oh your grand kids are so adorable!
@Kandae11 (40358)
30 Oct 17
No Halloween celebrations here - but yes, your grandsons are adorable.