What are the Inheritance you will Gave to your Family Members?

@kepweng (19129)
Waikoloa, Hawaii
November 15, 2017 3:06am CST
Hello today is Rainy and i feel cold and these is just pops out in my mind! DO you want to secured the Future of your kids , grandchildren?? what do you Gave them before you will Gone passed away ! in these world earth?? or if you have a Lots of money! is your relatives ,cousins,neighboors, or friends can Inherit too your Wealth? I read before an article and its featured too in News program ! that a Rich billionaire somewhere States in america Dont Gave her Wealth or Fortune in her family members Instead she Gave it to her Lovely Feline a cat ! and thier are more people in Western country Doing that ! the other one that Featured in a documentary and tv news program is a wealthy male but hes Fortune Inherited by a Dog
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@LadyDuck (181878)
• Switzerland
15 Nov
We cannot do this in our country if we have legal heirs. If people have children, grandchildren, parents still living, they can only dispose of 1/3 of their money and fortune, the rest must be distributed among the heirs.
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• China
15 Nov
I think the reason why they let their pet inherite their proporty is that pet is closer to them then their families.
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@Micmac (9601)
27 Apr
There are many rich cats and dogs out there who are living like Kings and Queens.
@Micmac (9601)
17 Nov
Yes, some folks cherish the cat or dog more than their family members. They might think that their relatives will squander their inherited money or maybe they weren't in good terms with their relatives.