Do you ever get bored on mylot?

@EddieHands (37808)
United States
November 27, 2017 6:07pm CST
I do ! Lately it's been boring. Maybe once my sales are through the roof. i find a new hang out. This place is kind of dead. Maybe because of Christmas time? will be worse with 2 week vacation soon. Oh well it will be movie time and money time with family oh yes
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@prashu228 (25504)
• India
28 Nov
Yes sometimes i do get bored
@toniganzon (53346)
• Philippines
28 Nov
The only time I don't enjoy mylot is when there's nobody to interact with and i've read all the interesting discussions posted. But most of the time I am enjoying there. But I am rarely on here.
@AmbiePam (50047)
• United States
28 Nov
Well, yes. Sometimes I do find it boring, but I just figure I am not looking in the right places.
@lovebuglena (7089)
• Staten Island, New York
28 Nov
Sometimes I can't seem to find anything to respond to.
@Hannihar (41665)
28 Nov
No, I do not get bored here because to me there is so much action going on and may discussions to go through.
@JohnRoberts (62719)
• Los Angeles, California
28 Nov
I think the opposite. It has picked up since Friday and month end will bring more activity.
@sugartoes (42449)
• Greencastle, Indiana
28 Nov
thaqt's why I have other places to go when I get board like doing online puzzles & swag-bucks.