The Short story of death and life

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@ebanreb (6365)
December 14, 2017 3:45am CST
Long time ago life and death are best of friends. Death see life as a gift and life sees death also a gift. When time comes where people are spreading all over the world. Life and death began to criticize each other. People view life as the most precious gift from God and people view death as something that no one wants. Death: Why is it people love you so much where in fact you are just a dream, a fascination. No one will stay forever. Life is short and no person will live forever. Why is it people like you? Life. Yes you are correct with that death, I am just a dream a fascination and I know Life is not forever. What is important is the things or deeds that you do during your earthly life. How about you death? I know you are the reality of life. That everybody dies so everybody hated you. They dont want to feel death because they really love life. And so with this, Life and death no longer best of friends. They decided not to question each others destiny.
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