I'm having trouble topping my last story on deviant art.

Rosarito, Mexico
December 22, 2017 4:17pm CST
I try to write something once a week or twice a week and put it on deviant art. I go under the name Hokua-oe-lopqi-lokki there. I have many pics online, and I'm starting drawing again. Still, it is meant to sell pics and such things. I haven't made any money there. I still like doing the art and putting it on display. I've tried selling my stories on amazon as Lee Conner. I haven't made any money there either. I'll just have to keep trying. Last thing I wrote about was Lucifer getting his own planet in hopes to rehabilitate him and the extremists that are sent there.
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• Kathmandu, Nepal
23 Dec
Oh! I wish good luck for you! Yeah you should be trying till you get into your goal. Consistent works gives fruits. I would like to encourage you to try everything. But at the end, you will get for what you are destined according to your efforts. Do not lose hopes. Thank you!