It is a question of mine. Who is Jesus and who really is his father?

Rosarito, Mexico
December 27, 2017 4:01pm CST
I think I have my answers finally, but no one needs to believe the same as myself. I wanted to know who Jesus was , if Shiva, Vishnu, and Brahma are the actual three godheads. See, i don't believe in the Jewish idealsim that much, but something about Jesus makes me want to believe in him being the son of God, but which God if Shiva, Vishnu, and Brahma are God. I think that Jesus and his brother Yuz Asaf are Luz and Cruz...the sons of Ram who was an incarnation of Vishnu at one point. It is just a theory. It is said in the bible as John the baptist baptizes Jesus, that God declares him his son. I don't think he is his only son though. I do believe he had a brother which is just as loved as he was, which is Yuz Asaf who hung on the cross in place of Jesus. I do believe in the remission of sin though their blood. I think that that was their purpose to do away with Yahwey's laws of blood sacrifices through their blood. And although I believe they survived and divided, I don't think their sacrifice has any less meaning than what it would had the bible been complete truth, but I don't think the bible is complete truth. This is just my beliefs and doesn't need to be shared by everyone. Even the best Hindu knows that Vishnu will never forget him/her/it (it being intersexials like myself-I'm double gendered. My kind aren't spoken of in any religious text, yet we aren't demons as some would have you believe. We are just put here to ask questions louder than anyone else). I think Jesus is Luz and his brother is Cruz, but I could be wrong. As for them growing into old men, what father wouldn't want to see his son or sons happy and fulfilled. So why not believe they grew old in Kashmir and Shingo? What harm does it do? It interferes in how you think their lives should go, but their lives are not your lives and a even a God or sons or God should be able to have happiness once in a while. The father, son, and holy ghost in my opinion are Shiva, Vishnu, and Brahma. I could be wrong though. I don't know everything. I'm not God and neither are those who wrote the holy texts. They just wrote what they heard and believe.
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@arcryo (47)
• Bedok, Singapore
28 Dec
Respect every god. I believe god is one and we humans created various forms of gods and divided ourselves into groups called religions