Why did God create evil?

Rosarito, Mexico
December 27, 2017 5:08pm CST
God wanted us to have free will, the right to ask questions and even answer those questions sometimes. Evil is the absence of Gods will. Sometimes our answers are wrong and do not reflect God's will, leading to even worse actions which don't reflect God's will. The further from the correct answer, the worse the results of actions resulting in evil or wrong doing. Sometimes people harming others is a result of wrong actions taken from incorrect answers given to questions posed as to what our actions should be in response to another wrong action having been made due to an incorrect answer to a question answered badly. Evil is the lack of light in a situation. Hell is us getting further and further from God's light. Thus-ly, hell becomes more and more evil the further we get away from the right answers to questions posed to God or to each other about God or things having to do with his will. Evil is just imperfection. God didn't create evil...we did, by not listening to the right answers and doing as we please, because we think we can answer the questions without light.
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@Shivram59 (5306)
• India
28 Dec
I think,evil is created by us human beings.Why blame God?
• Rosarito, Mexico
29 Dec
exactly what I said basicly
• India
28 Dec
Too much of anything is dangerous. Like sun and moon, day and night . Everything needs to be balanced.
@jstory07 (69840)
• Roseburg, Oregon
27 Dec
God wants us to be tempted by evil. So we will choose the good path.