Facebook is not a dating site!

@EddieHands (37763)
United States
January 3, 2018 7:16pm CST
Facebook is not a dating site. yet it seems people treat it like one! I am mostly just there to entertain. Promote and make money. Yes I have made some good friends alone the way. But My main thing is making money ... I wish people would stop treating it like drama and like a dating site.. Blessings !
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@JohnRoberts (69731)
• Los Angeles, California
4 Jan 18
Facebook is the devil's site.
@aureliah (21586)
• Kenya
4 Jan 18
People are different and have their own preferences
@tammys85 (13338)
• United States
4 Jan 18
Some people do meet on FB, but I do agree - I don't use FB or Twitter as a dating site, and it makes me uncomfortable when others on there try to hit on me (which is luckily not often).
@toniganzon (54005)
• Philippines
4 Jan 18
It's sad how some people are taking advantage of Facebook for all sorts of illegal things and recently I have been experiencing the same thing on instagram. Some people would send me a request and then would send me a private message that they're in love with me! How could that even be possible when we haven't even talked or known each other. Crazy people.