I got some more sleep

@riverwild (2486)
January 4, 2018 11:39am CST
I slept for a couple of hours, so I feel pretty good. Only five and a half more hours, and I will be quit two days. I made a home made mocha, and I'm enjoying that. I may have to cut down on the coffee. I am still in an elated mood, probably due to hypomania. The brain fog has lifted, so I will try to do some writing today. I want to concentrate on Hubpages. I will write a Hub about Tropical Astronomy.
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• United Kingdom
4 Jan
I feel very tired and I did not sleep much last night. I live in one of these new complexes with an external door entry system. Well, some chap was yelling out someone's name from the flat above asking to be let in and then he starts buzzing the door entry which is quite loud and this all happened at around 1:30 am. Thankfully it doesn't happen every night but I could have done with that sleep right up until around 7 am! Glad you got some sleep in. I don't drink coffee, only tea. Glad you love to write. I also love to write. Good luck with your next piece of writing.
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