Breast Cancer Causes

@nife2018 (1148)
Lagos, Nigeria
February 5, 2018 9:49am CST
The deadly desease called Breast cancer attacking our woman all over the world is not getting out of hand, and i dont know if there is any medical result for the causes of the cancer, am not a medical practicial but i always fel like helping when it comes to health challenges, but i think i know this cancer start with a tumol called brest lump, which in no case of care result to cancer, this cancer had kill so many woman around the world, a young lady of 13 years old was attacked by this brest lump, i was so surprice because i know it to young for such, they late 30s 40s etc years of age are those who normaly surffer of this deadly thing, but right now it's had turn otherwise to attack any age of woman. what is the causes what is the
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@bebuddy (269)
5 Feb
It can be cured with 10 min walked daily
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@nife2018 (1148)
• Lagos, Nigeria
5 Feb
@MALUSE I agreed with you, because out of the thousands studies so far, I have not heard anyone one cure with just walking or anything expect surgery.