Just Thinking Out Loud

Rosarito, Mexico
February 21, 2018 11:33am CST
You Can't put me in the box...I won't go back in it. My mom had me in a box of ill-received hypocrisy, but some days it feels safer. It seems as though the world is gauging out eyeballs, screaming ill-said things, killing each other even. One group of people blame the guns, others blame the doctrine in which one is taught. The Koran is supposed to be a tool of peace I have heard, and so is the Christian bible I've been told. Both books condemn people for believing differently than the doctrines written inside them, but we forget to look at the fine print which is found in most religious texts. Even Satanists have it in their texts. Murder is against the rules, yet we do it time and time again, stating that the ends justify the means. It isn't the doctrines' fault that some people (not all) are narrow-minded and can only follow the part of the script that compels them to kill and slander in the name of a God or Goddess that I believe to be really pissed about now. If it wants someone dead and truly exists, let it prove it by taking its all mighty hand and not the hand of another human being, and let it do the job itself. It wrote the law. Thou shalt not kill. The 10 Commandments List, Short Form You shall have no other gods before Me. You shall not make idols. You shall not take the name of the LORD your God in vain. Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy. Honor your father and your mother. You shall not murder. You shall not commit adultery. You shall not steal. You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor. You shall not covet. I like the one that says keep the sabbath holy, while the KKK murders people in his own churches at times saying that it was the hand of God that made them do it. I hear a lot of Christian and other religions including my favorite religions Buddhism and Hindu spouting off filth about Muslims. It's the same filth that the Muslims spew about them. If I remember correctly, Christ said, shake the dust from your feet and leave them. He said, take the plank out of your own eye before trying to rmove the spilnter from someone elses. Buddha said that it you who gets burned if you go to throw a hot coal at someone. It is you who gets poisoned if you drink the poison while waiting for the other person to die. We are dying on our own hatred of each other. Well, I don't have any of you. You might tick me off from time to time when you can't let me be me, and I'm not talking about any of you who I have spoken of recently, but if you feel that this message has mad you angry, do something about yourself to make you feel better. Hug a Muslim, or an Atheist, or someone who really makes your skin crawl, and tell him, her, zir that you respect their rights as an individual and that you expect the same of them...that you do not recognise heir faith that you might be interested in, but as long as they aren't hurting anyone, you support them. I support all of you. By the way...here is a place for finding gender-neutral pronouns I don't know if Pontius Pilot went to hell for washing his hands of the bloody situation, but I'm taking his stance and walking out of the line of fire if I can. There isn't any safe place in the world anymore. I'm safer with the cannibalistic pigmies....no offense to anyone shorter than me meant. I get mad and rant a lot. I'm sorry. I'm tired of people pointing figures at each other and telling ecah other to convert to their ideas and views. I enjoyed being different growing up. It was lonely, but I didn't fall in love with any males till after my first marriage. I liked girls, and I look like a girl. My mom told me my adams apple was gorder (a hideos growth). Yeah, ok, it was a hideous reminder that she didn't want an hermaphrodite child, took one of the anatomies away and thought she could pray the mutation away. It didn't work. We have to physically put ourselves into teaching each other a better way. If someone says they should have the right to kill others because they are killing us, ask them if they have tried to work it out peacefully yet and put their differences in a corner? They'll say, I would if he, she, zir would. Or they may say, you can't reason with such filth, or you can't reason with someone of his nature...Best to Send them to hell where they came from. NO......We can't do that. Don't do that. Place them some place safe, let them pray, and let them know that you will release him when he stops killing. This is what we do to murderers. I forgave my child molester that got his hands on me when I was five, not because I had to, not because he was a teen when he did it. I decided to let it go because it was only hurting me. He didn't care. He would probably do it again. He and his brother snuck into our bedroom and set the room on fire with us in it. My mom wanted to shoot him and his brother. Dad wouldn't let her. He intervened. I hope they did clean themselves up, but I doubt it. I haven't seen them since I was five but once. My sister and I hid in the bedroom like mom told us to. These people that are Gay, Lesbian, Transgendered aren't your enemies. Your fear of the unknown is. People doing mass shootings for whatever stupid reason they said that they had are your enemies. Taking away the guns won't solve anything. It will give you peace of mind, but it won't keep you safe. Having a gun won't save you either. It was once believed that most people are killed through the friendly firing of a gun. That is gunfire from someone you know that was supposedly protecting you or a loved one. NO one was meant to get hurt...just protecting the home. I am dreary. Anyone got a cobweb cleaner for these dark thoughts. I plan on making you think a bit, and maybe help you find someone who thinks differently than you to make friends with. You can start by making friends with me. I love you all.
Rule No. 1: Don’t assume you know someone’s gender just by looking at them.
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@RasmaSandra (20337)
• Daytona Beach, Florida
21 Feb
When I have dark thoughts I always attempt to find some things to be positive about.