My Get up and Go

Me when I hurt my left knee 2016 using a walker
@Liberti (241)
Mead, Washington
February 22, 2018 10:33pm CST
My Get up and go My dad and grandma had a phrase they used to say that was my Get up and go done got up and went, meaning they had no energy. I decided to write a little story about it. My Get up and Go got up and went and don't when it will return It was around here yesterday and I figured I would get up and go Do something useful, but when I tried to do so. I found I could not Go at all. For my Get up and go is gone. There are a mighty lot of things need doing but I just can't get started at All, Cause my get up and go has left me for now. It's departure has left me With a hitch in my git along that is rather a rough go right now. Cause the hitch won't let me get up and go as I ought to and can't figure out how. So if you see my get up and go can you tell it I need it to return? Cause I sure do need it around to help me get all these things needing done. I can't even go out on the town or have much any fun. Without my get up and go I can't dance or walk well or run. So ya see my get up and go is important to me to give me a better life and reduces the time of getting er done and then I have more time for some fun. So if you see my get up and go please send it home to me. Without it I am useless and weak in the knee.
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@mydanods (6735)
• Nigeria
23 Feb
I'll ask the Internet if they saw your get up and go. I just wake up from sleep and didn't dream about your get up and go. Anyways, you can lend mine.
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@Liberti (241)
• Mead, Washington
23 Feb
LOL why thank you
@Hannihar (49358)
5 Dec
@Liberti If I see it I will send it your way. Hopefully it will come back again soon.