Do you take naps?

@riverwild (2432)
March 5, 2018 4:00pm CST
I don't take naps all that often lately. I used to take them every day. I'm not sure what's changes. maybe because I sleep more at night (except when I'm manic/having insomnia) I just had a nap, and slept for an hour and a half. I had a dream i was arguing/fighting with my sister. In real life this nevre happens. I have no animosity towards her. I wonder why I dreamed that.
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@allen0187 (33914)
• Philippines
6 Mar
Yes, I do take naps and I need one right now.
@sharon6345 (138006)
• United States
5 Mar
I had a three hour nap today and I am in need of one now. I am yawning. I might lay down so I can get that done.
@MALUSE (43477)
• Uzbekistan
5 Mar
Better you argue with her in a dream than in real life.
@spiderdust (7174)
• San Jose, California
5 Mar
I don't, but that's mostly because I have to keep an eye on children during the day, and when I do get the opportunity, I can't sleep.
@sprite1950 (14496)
• Corsham, England
5 Mar
I do since I retired. I try not to because it disturbs my sleep at night but I do love an afternoon nap. Many of my dreams don't make sense. Once I dreamed someone was stealing my car but as I watched it go down the road I could see the driver was me! I was the thief and the onlooker!
@marguicha (101905)
• Chile
5 Mar
I never in my life took a nap until I underwent chemotherapy. From that day on, I take a nap every day after lunch.