MyLot monthly earnings?

November 27, 2006 6:33pm CST
What's the most amount of $ anyone's managed to rack-up inside a single month, whilst being on MyLot (and presumably, have gotten paid by MyLot, too..)?I'm just curious to know what's reasonably achievable is all, as i've only just signed up (i'll admit, I were a little scpetical at first), and don't know the full in's and out's of the site, yet.. but hey! In for a penny, in for a pound, eh;)..
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28 Nov 06
Good question hun. Shame you haven't got many replies yet :( Anyway as you know I have yet to be paid but I have achieved my target of $10 - anything else I make by the 15th Dec (Which if you didn't already know is my deadline as I'll of then been here a month) is a bonus and I guess I can give a better reply when I get my first payment eh? Every little helps - esp. so near to christmas...
29 Nov 06
Pepsi - Pepsi
Tell me about it.. it sank like a stone this one! :S Erm, the deadline is the 30th of November and they PAY out BY the 15th of December.. id you've already made $10 (or your target) before or on 30th November (which I know you have), then you'll be paid via PayPal (or the alternative one..) anywhere between December 1st and December 15th :) So it's anything else you've made between now and end of tommorrow that counts towards what you'll get paid in December (thus have towards Christmas..)