3 good things april 2nd

@Daelii (4889)
United States
April 2, 2018 3:19am CST
Good morning! I'm awake early thinking about my mom and missing her fierce. As of a few days ago its been 14 years since she went to heaven. I'm trying to look forward to the day. Its my birthday. My kids are excited and my oldest has assured me that I can forever be 27 and when she's in her 20's she will introduce me as her sister since it won't make sense otherwise with math! I love my kids! 2. Maybe free lunch at little Caesar's! They are offering a free deep dish combo lunch today for lunch 1 per family . plus, I have a few other birthday offers. Soo who knows. 3. Easter round two: we still have easter related things to do! Especially watching the Jesus Christ superstar live broadcast together. Yesterday we watched the 1970 version and the Passion. So another busy day even if I can't sleep and do plan to watch TV and crochet in the morning! How are you feeling? Looking forward to anything today?
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@just4him (110242)
• Green Bay, Wisconsin
3 Apr
Yesterday was a very busy day. I spent less time on my computer than I have in a very long time. Today is just the opposite. No pool. This weather, and I don't mean the snow that so far isn't what they said it would be, but still will be as the day goes forward, but it is the weather and has affected every cell of my body. I feel like an old woman today, hurting and moving super slow. I'll be glad when this weather pattern moves out and I feel more my age and myself once again.
@JohnRoberts (52348)
• Los Angeles, California
2 Apr
Hopefully a peaceful uneventful day.
@Morleyhunt (19539)
• Canada
2 Apr
Today I'm heading out of town to visit my sister inlaw (a drop off and pick up date) with my granddaughter. I'm babysitting today and she sleeps over until tomorrow when I deliver her to school. Hope you have a happy birthday.
@sharon6345 (118637)
• United States
2 Apr
I am feeling fine for now since I just woke up. I need to get something figured out as to a sitting arrangement. My back suffers with everything. Happy special day to you. I hope you take that free meal.
@JudyEv (119153)
• Bunbury, Australia
2 Apr
Our day is heading towards dinner and bed although for a few hours. It's been a good day here.
@Jessabuma (13498)
• Baguio, Philippines
2 Apr
Hello and good morning. I am doing well here. I hope you will enjoy today. Happy birthday ! Maybe you have more blessings and more birthdays to come. Stay blessed dear friend.
@mlgen1037 (16613)
• Manila, Philippines
2 Apr
Happy birthday, Robin. It is also my mom's birthday today too. No plans since she will be going to her students to tutor them. Will celebrate together with my two brother's birthdays who share the same birthday this week. I am sure your mom above misses you too. Looks you had a great time. hehe Take care, my friend.