So There Was This Air

Redlands, California
April 10, 2018 8:17am CST
Think it was 7th grade because new school. Was a bit scared because summer was over. There was this air. California not known for the cleanest air in those times. Not even now, but there was this air. Weather was jacket worthy and night was here. There was this air. It was one of prettiest feelings that did not involve illicit drugs or sex, It was indeed and air like no other, Hell, imagine if we did have those things. The air was so pretty that night on what what would be the first day of school. Problem me a kid going to a big bad school who just came off his biggest bully which was not all that bad. I accidentally smacked him in the head with a baseball bat. Oops. but there was something in the air. The crispest I ever smelt it. The pureness just looming as us soon to be teens needed to see. The air was very magical and never till this day experienced a weather day so clear and pure in smell and feel like that. What the hell is wrong with nature or right?
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