What is the home remedy for headache ?

April 18, 2018 6:46am CST
Yesterday i was feeling pain and headache.I was searching home remedy for headache,,i found inhaling onion smell can be good to minimize headache.Do you have any idea or suggestion ?
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@mlgen1037 (29623)
• Manila, Philippines
18 Apr
I usually drink lukewarm water. If it doesnt help, I drink paracetamol.
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@Shavkat (66202)
• Philippines
18 Apr
Some people claimed that you can pinch every tip of your fingers. I hope it will work.
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@HeavenlyB (232)
• Johannesburg, South Africa
20 Apr
Putting a warm cloth on your forehead does do a trick
@Icydoll (26022)
• India
19 Apr
Apply cinnamon powder making into paste..or something mint leaves..
• United States
18 Apr
In order to advise what is best to take for a headache, I would need to know what caused it, do you know ?
@nanette64 (18081)
• Fairfield, Texas
18 Apr
It depends on where the headache is located @elanalove . What I use is a wet, very hot washclothe at the location of the pain. Once the cloth starts to cool down, I reheat it (I use the microwave oven). Usually after 5 minutes the pain is gone. A headache is caused by restricted blood-flow through the veins. By using heat, the veins open up and allow the blood to flow and stop the nerve restriction.
@louievill (19972)
• Philippines
18 Apr
Headaches are sometimes caused by a too acidic stomach so I eat alkaline foods and or alkaline water. It could also be caused by colds so I massage my forehead and temples with tiger balm or Vicks vapor rub and take a nap. I rarely get headaches.
@caopaopao (12641)
• China
18 Apr
I think many diseases can cause headache, maybe it's good to see a doctor.
@Jessabuma (33167)
• Baguio, Philippines
18 Apr
Have some white flower ointment, and massage it on your forehead.. But me, I usually drink paracetamol.