3 good things April 20th

@Daelii (4848)
United States
April 20, 2018 3:06pm CST
Good afternoon! Its been a busy day today! I'm grateful to a lot of things and looking forward to even better tonight! 1. My daughter was very happy about getting a free book at school today. Its a series she loves reading! 2. My husband being home tonight! I'm so ready for some pizza and video games with my family. Hopefully he remembers my salad stuff too! 3. So far that first pillow project is coming along nicely! How are you feeling? looking forward to anything today?
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@Courtlynn (66184)
• United States
20 Apr
What series is your daughter reading? Glad she's happy either way with her book! Hope he doesn't forget your stuff. And hope you all enjoy that pizza ! and family time!
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@aureliah (13881)
24 Apr
Great to hear that your first pillow project got on well.
@KrauseHome (34984)
• United States
21 Apr
Today was a Good day. Posted here in myLot, then went and did a few deliveries with Uber Eats, and then went to a Painting Hope Rocks party where a lot of rockers gathered and painted hope rocks. Now here relaxing and posting in here.
@caopaopao (5351)
• China
21 Apr
So many good things, you must be very happy.
@celticeagle (117189)
• Boise, Idaho
21 Apr
Sounds like all is going well and you have a nice weekend to look forward to. Enjoy!
@1hopefulman (26068)
• Canada
20 Apr
Pizza sounds good! Do you make your own, buy frozen or do you have a special place that you order from? I wanted to go for a long walk and I did this afternoon and want to go lift some small weights at the gym and I did that too. I may just tear myself away from myLot and watch something.
@AKRao24 (13206)
• India
20 Apr
Nice to know that you had a great day! I had a pretty nice day! Hope and wish you have a better night too! Thanks @Daelii !