sell a testicle and earn $35000 in USA

@shynu44 (4939)
May 19, 2018 1:58am CST
for the men on mylot, can you sell a testicle for $35,000 ? this is how much you will make in the US if you are bold enough to do so.
A university medical school will not pay you up to $50,000 for the donation of a testicle.
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@Nomda43 (37)
19 May
And,how can you live without that?When you are in bed with girl ,and,she ask you "And where is "his" brother,you will say "But, i have 50 000 $".
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@AKRao24 (18219)
• India
19 May
@shynu44 , Yes Of Course he can!
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@dya80dya (2980)
• Romania
19 May
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