Gilgit, Pakistan
May 31, 2018 8:27am CST
I remember it was pen and wrist watch.
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@Jessabuma (33101)
• Baguio, Philippines
31 May
It was a cute dog hehe!!! It was from my friend Reylibeth
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@Teekaaa (6485)
• India
31 May
Its a chocolate and pen stand Btw, welcome to MyLot
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@mlgen1037 (29593)
• Manila, Philippines
31 May
I think it was a letter with something that I forgot what it is.
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@JudyEv (148586)
• Bunbury, Australia
31 May
I received a lovely carved box which now holds my handkerchiefs.
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• Hangzhou, China
31 May
i got a note,she wrote:"Be a smart and brave girl."i remained this note in my books,now i lost it. but i still the special time with her in junior high school,she has short-hair and keep positive.i am a girl who chasing my dream by any means.i don't care how people think of me,so i just burnt my passion and inspiration in the dark night of finding the dreamy life. I finally failed,and i lost the friendship of her,since the graduation,i've never seen her again.now every time i miss her,i feel i let her down and i'm a bad girl.i never fall teardrops,but i only cry for the love of her.her name is Judy Luo.
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• Russian Federation
31 May
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@mrki444 (1187)
• Osijek, Croatia (Hrvatska)
31 May
I got a cup from my friend. with my name on it.
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@YrNemo (15234)
4 Jun
wow, that was a lot from just one giver! You are lucky.
@LeeShanty (103)
• Yogyakarta, Indonesia
1 Jun
My best friend gave me a comic entitled "glass mask" when I was grade 7
@SAM774 (4186)
31 May
Don't remember exactly...maybe a pen
@Corbin5 (127598)
• United States
31 May
I believe it was a bracelet.
@mythociate (16176)
• Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
31 May
It was probably ... oh, I don't know---I have so many friends ... Most likely "help" ... help moving into a new apartment, taking me out to lunch, giving me a ride when the weather was unpleasant. As far as 'gifts' though ... it would probably be a book (a Bible, George Orwell's 1985, Og Mandino's The Greatest Salesman in the World, Napoleon Hill's Think & Grow Rich) or a DVD (Jerry Seinfeld's I'm Telling You for the Last Time)
@id_peace (8711)
• Singapore
31 May
Fortunately I could not remember anything.