Bat Man

@jstory07 (73922)
Roseburg, Oregon
May 31, 2018 1:00pm CST
There is a college course about being bat man. Did you know that Bat Man is the most popular of all of the super hereos. I personality like spider man the best.
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@amadeo (81764)
• United States
31 May
I like Mike is he my super hero
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@marlina (81862)
• Canada
1 Jun
You made the best choice!
@SAM774 (4178)
1 Jun
i love Batman...
@celticeagle (121111)
• Boise, Idaho
31 May
For me it is Superman. My grandson liked Spiderman when he was younger.
@rakski (24380)
• Philippines
31 May
Really?!? Batman course?!? Oh well, because he is the superhero without real powers. He is just string, brave and wealthy. This is the question: what is his power? Anawer: He is rich.
@mlgen1037 (29593)
• Manila, Philippines
31 May
Hi Judy. For real? I didn't know that there is a course for that.
@aureliah (21614)
• Kenya
31 May
Wow! I thought Spider-Man was the most popular
@Corbin5 (127233)
• United States
31 May
Our son is always mistaken for Tobey McGuire all the time, so I will go with Spider-Man as my favorite too. He just gives the Spider-Man hand signal to delight the folks who think Spider-Man is in the house.