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By John
@Cratus (13)
South Africa
June 1, 2018 11:20am CST
I got demoted. . . . and the person I hate the must got promoted . . . and I have to report to him now. . . I don’t know what to do now
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@Jessabuma (33129)
• Baguio, Philippines
1 Jun
Ohh so sorry to hear that Just calm and be yourself
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@id_peace (7625)
• Singapore
2 Jun
Find a new job and quit.
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@Peach10 (1930)
1 Jun
Why? Do you like your job? Check yourself first. If you like your job then make way to impress your superiors if not find another job. .
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• New Delhi, India
1 Jun
Wait . Cool down . Think properly. Then decide.
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@sw8sincere (5279)
• Philippines
2 Jun
take it easy my friend and just handle the situation well.
@db20747 (11207)
• Washington, District Of Columbia
1 Jun
Just B diplomatic and do your work!!! Remember, U get PAID at the end of the day!!!!
@dya80dya (7385)
• Romania
1 Jun
But why did this happen? You could change the job.
1 Jun
I am sorry to hear that you got demoted. But even so, just look at the brigther side of this situation, this might happen for some good reason. Like, maybe the next opening position or promotion is the right one for you together with a perfect timing wherein you are in your best state of mind or working condition so you can excel more and showcase yourself in the said field.