Dlf emporio

New Delhi, India
July 2, 2018 3:40am CST
Ha ha!! I went out of my house only to realise that my destination was somewhat boring and irritating. I went to Dlf Emporio. That place was so irritating. The silence in that area made me feel so uncomfortable. Only those people who belong to the elite section were there and that to in a very less number. There were hardly any customers in the shops. Also things were so expensive there. I couldnt buy anything there. Have you ever been to such a place?
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@Jessabuma (33129)
• Baguio, Philippines
2 Jul
Hehe!!! I will not surely go to that kind of places.
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@caopaopao (12630)
• China
2 Jul
If it were me, I wouldn't go to that place.
@Maria24 (2157)
• United States
2 Jul
I haven't yet lol
@simplfred (6205)
• Philippines
2 Jul
Dlf Emporio. I think we don't have such here but definitely there are some shops here that offer expensive items too.
@hereandthere (33343)
• Philippines
2 Jul
oh, so dlf emporio is like a high-end mall? yes, we have them, too, and i also feel uncomfortable because i'm afraid i might break something. it's also quiet. the very few shoppers talk in low tones.