The Internet Age

Nairobi, Kenya
July 2, 2018 8:34am CST
The internet connectivity has brought with it many good things and also bad ones. People no longer depend on the 9-5 jobs, you can simply use your Smart phone or laptop with internet connection and start working from the comfort of your home. Thousands of people are earning their full income this way and we have to thank the Internet Technology for this, but we have also have the bad side of the internet. Many people have fallen victims to quick to make money scams online, and lost money through the process. What in your opinion are the good things the internet has brought, and what are the downside if any?
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@SinfulRose (3529)
• Davao, Philippines
2 Jul
I am actually very thankful for the development of the internet. You see computers fascinated me when I was still very young and that was a time when the internet wasn't popular in my community yet. So when it did finally exist, imagine my addiction to be online 24/7. I eventually became an IT and now I can't be without my laptop and internet connection. I'm actually earning money as a freelancer for the past 2 years. And I do admit that my status right now is tough. But I enjoy it more than I could be in an employment. So yeah, sure there are scams going on. But scams are happening anywhere every time, not only on the internet. I mean, even on legal platforms people still get scammed! And the only reason for this is people can do it. Because they can do it to people who have their guards down and therefore these "naive" people have unknowingly allowed scammers to scam them. The key here is to learn about these scammers' modus operandi and being on your best guard in order to prevent becoming the next victim.
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• Nairobi, Kenya
2 Jul
Hi, thanks for that helpful insights. Yes scams do happen everywhere, and it is our duty to learn how to avoid them.
• Baguio, Philippines
2 Jul
Im very dependent on the internet, i feel stupid without it. I am very used to using all the information it offers on its storage i do not bother to store them on my head. When im offline, im not that talkative lol. My ideas come out because i know anything i say can be verified.
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@Ladanger (2002)
• United States
2 Jul
Everyone uses internet now so people have now online businesses.
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@Hannihar (36533)
4 Jul
@Ronnny2 Yes, you are right there are two sides to the internet.
@banksim (1690)
3 Jul
its two side weapon, if not use with precautions it will going to hurt you
@Aiya2218 (35)
• Manila, Philippines
3 Jul
Happy that so many great things discover but sadly to say that some user have no limitation.