HELP in reestablishing a working connection with Miracle Piano

June 11, 2006 3:28am CST
I'm an experienced user of MP but for the moment I'm dead so any help or suggestions will be welcomed. I have the original keyboard, cables, manuals and software and I was using it with an old IBM ThinkPad with Windows 3.1. Then the screen broke and forgetting that I had the orginal DOS software I took it to a computer shop in Paris and they transfered it to a newer IBM ThinkPad in very good condition. But when I tried to use it the fonts were all crazy so I got the software for correcting that problem and it worked very well for a while. Then my teenage daughter decided to establish a shortcut and in the process deleted the MP file. And again forgetting that I had the original software, I bought a CD on MP which has Windows for MP, the original DOS version and all the manuals on it. I tried the Windows version first but whenever I got to Arcade in a less or just tried to use it separately, I could kill all the ducks with no problem but the evaluation said that I had not hit any correct notes. Then I tried the DOS version but in the process of installing it at a very early stage I got an error message after turning on the keyboard said that either the keyboard or the computer was not responding and that I should check the connections and cable. But they are fine because the keyboard would not have worked in the Windows version if the cable or connections are defective. Help!
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@kunalsp (428)
• India
7 Oct 06
can't understand what u are asking for... and win 3.1 is obsolete use windows vista