Architect not releasing certificates.

November 29, 2006 7:28pm CST
As a self employed builder, i constructed a new house for a developer with NHBC cover. The developer has sold the house in june this year and so far at november not one snagging item has been raised or needed attention. the homeowner is delighted with works. My problem is with Architect. We sat down on 19th June 2006 and agreed a final account of which he knocked back certain items and we came to an agreement. The developer is due me 38k and any requests i make he refers me to architect who still has not issued a final certificate for works. I have made repeated requests for this certificate to allow me to get paid but to no avail. How can i make Architect issue certificate .or what is the timescale if any that he has to respond to my requests. He repeatedly tells me he will issue certificate as quick as possible but it never arrives.
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