Do you love me?

November 30, 2006 3:23am CST
Do you love me? "I love you boy""I love you,girl" It's a common used phrase in our daily life. And, my question is :what's true love?
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• Romania
3 Dec 06
first of all hy! so...the words "i love you" are hard words. let me explain. to tell someone that you love him or her you must fell it.what do you have to fell...its hard to explain becouse every single man love the person that he or her have near in hie on way.for me the true love is when i fell that i can do anything for the person near me.i mean,i cold do anything for him,give up to everything,satisfy him in every way.the love that you fell for the person netx to you you have to show not to say.its ok to say "i love you"but you also have to show the love. i began to bellive that i have never loved any of my ex bf' now maby you will ask me then how do i know how is to love someone...well i know.becouse i was thinking back to my ex's bf's and i now i know that i wasent able to make any sacrifices for them.everything that they told me to do i said NO...everything that they asked me i said no....i havet loved anyone before...but now i am in love whit do i know..?becouse now i know and i fill that i can live my familly and everything behind for him.everything.thats how i know that i am in love whit this guy...