This is true about me.. Sunnydays made me remember you can laugh i do now.....

United States
September 13, 2006 5:03pm CST
I was young and poor,I went with my brother to the mall. I don't remember my correct my brother said put some clothes in the bag. I went around putting the nice clothes in the bag. My mom was out side waiting as we just bought some bras,panties etc. she always had bad legs.. while we were going out the door the people cam and grabbed us. Boy I was hollering laughing i saw my brother in a car crying. they took us to another room. handcuffed him to a long pole. He was crying and I was laughing so hard. Somehow my mom found out. She came in that room screaming to the top of her lungs.... didn't I teach you if you don't have enough don' tough it. I am going to kick your azz's im gonna this and that... I still was laughing.. she spoke to the people and they put me in the cops car... now I was laughing even more. My brother was crying even more.. I saw my riends and was waving high. when they took me behind a long room The lady said take off your pants.. take of your shirt... I was crying my heart out. I had on a training bra and nothing to train.. They put me in the cell room and shut the door. I can only remeber seeing aroach a beedy blanket and hearing my heart pound... I was only ther as my mom wanted to teach me a lesson. I never took anything from anyone another day in my
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@heysimmi (451)
• India
16 Sep 06
We have our own experiences while growing up and each one of them help us become what we are.
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@SunnyDays (1071)
• Bahamas
13 Sep 06
I am glad I made you laugh ...Good story for a lesson learned the hard way
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