I have aroom for rent in My home. I have callers

United States
September 14, 2006 10:38am CST
My mother does't want me to rent the room. I could use the money for real. I just need to know some of the laws for them getting out. I don't plan on anything happening at all. My mom is worried because i let a few homeless people live with me over the years. Now this is just a room renting situation. She is saying the paeron my try to live forever and other things. I have a nther girl just call me now for the room. Can I get some feedback so I can know. Oh The money for the room will go to my landlord for help with the water. $100.00 will go to my credit report... the rest for $50.00 for mailings for my website. $50.00 will be put in a money order after the 3 month for saving for the renter in case they ever get in a bind. I'll have the moneyorder for them or both of us. Thanks
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