United States
December 7, 2006 7:39pm CST
Hi do you ever get tired of the police getting paid for when we don't have insurance.i mean i beleive we should have Car Insurance but why should we continue to have to pay that percentage to the cops. I mean i can't stand it when they pull you over and ask you for the insurance and some people just can't afford and most of the police know this. I wish that when we get pulled over that it would not be a question but why can't it be when they pull you over it will be a option if you have it or not. and if you don't have why can't they just tell you i hope you get it because it is impoten and not get a ticket over it. And how about when the car isn't yours and you get pulled over becuase a lite is blown out and you don't know it and they ask do you do you have insurance and you know you don't and you get a ticket for it.Well that is what happen to me and i just think it's over done. I do beleive in insurance but i also beleive that we shouldn't get ticket it for like i got and i am going to court to fight it becuase i didn't have insurance for that car why should we get tickets ove things we know we don't have and what about when the car isn't yours wy should you get a no insrance ticket i feel it all over done and we should not gets tickets for such a things evenif the car is yours what kind of action is it dose it become a win/win ok let me know what you think thank you...
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