I have felt like giving up sometimes

United States
September 20, 2006 10:59am CST
On my website for being hard to traffic. I had two nice encouragements One man told me to give up or stay it is yup to me. he said he had lived on ssi for $600.00 a motnh. how he strugled for it all,food bills, hospital for cancer, etc..he never paid for traffic as it could be scams. he just marketed with flyer,cards,word of mouth,etc.2 years and never made enought o pay the bills. now his 3 year he has made no less than $5000.00each month now he is doing his second site. He was very nice and He made me want to keep going My friend told me yesterday of a man. They were talking about me being a work at home mom. the man said he worked traffic for his site for 6 years. he did it all. the 6 year he now makes $3200.00 a month he told my friend to tell me nevr give up. I say this because I am having a hard time just as you my too. we Have to not be so down and try to work harder. if you have a site and offer sales for the holidays say it here. Don't list the site unless someone asks for it and then go thr pm. just list here yur traffic tips and we all can be blessed. I just found out my neighbor and I work the same company. he has a car and I don't he get sales. But he asked me how to get traffic to his site.... phone book put out post cards. pass cards to all u see. pay kids to put out cards in their neighborhoods. put code on them. so they don't hit the trash. place a card in all your out going mail,bills,etc
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