Does our government encourage bullying?

@feralcat (426)
December 19, 2006 7:18am CST
I noticed a discussion on bullying yesterday and wanted to share my thoughts about this growing problem and what we see on the news when we watch our government parties in the House of Commons. A few weeks ago there was a big uproar between PC member McKay and Liberal member Stronik. Both used to be PC members and also boyfriend and girlfriend. Stronik ditched McKay and she moved on to become a Liberal member. He made a comment one day of her as a referral to a dog which caused major uproar in the House of Commons and the media jumped on the opportunity. Rather then try and solve the country's debt problem or any other problem it was a constant schoolground bully reality tv show on the news every night. Name calling back and forth. Our government sets forth these regulations and laws to uphold its citizens as decent people but i the end we are made to witness this bullying on the news and from those who are in power and run the country. Myself personally seeing this kind of behavior by our parliament members seems to permit bullying. How our citizens of a country supposed to act when its powers that be are seen as nothing more then a schoolground bullying arena. Makes you wonder; does the government inforce zero tolerance of bullying or after watching such outburts in the news, do they create a mind set that allows this kind of crap to happen?
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