equestrian....i love it..

December 20, 2006 8:37pm CST
hey all..have u all ride a horse??..riding horse is great...give me pride...erm...i join this sport when i was 12...at the same year...i fell from the horse twice...erm...equestrian is expnsive sports...i joined under pony club...and i think it quite cheap...dunno what to discuss more...ok..
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• Canada
7 Jan 08
wow I never got to do ponyclub, but i was around horses and would do almost anything to be with them, clean their stall and groom them, I got the chance to go riding or have a lesson, i felt real privileged. I never ever thought I would even be able to have one horse. Eventually after being around the horse people I finally got my horse , of course my mom never knew anything and got me the horse(or should i say pony foal) not a thing a parent should do. Thank God I was around very experienced people that helped me because I was very helpful and plus Keeshah was a pony and not hot at all. After almost 26 yrs I still have my little Keeshah plus her daughters and have horses comming out of my ears to train. Now its getting the time to train . They are wonderful animals that give you freedom when on their back and friendship on the ground. Many times I've been upset and keesh knows my moods. She comes to me i sit beside her crying and she puts her muzzle down to comfort me. She is a very special girl. As a yearling I taught to to pick up her front hoof to say please to meet you, lay down on command and give kisses which she does whenever you make her stand for farrier or vet work or when she gives little children riding lessons. Talk to u later.
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10 Jan 08
Thankyou for sharing this...it touches me when I hear people's personal stories about their love and experiences with horse. Especailly as children, who I know have a natural love and affection toward horses. They represent great freedom to me. I always wanted to be around horses and then finally as an adult I was able to fulfill my dream, by studying, living and riding, on a working horse farm. I don't have any horses of my own but am in the process of getting one or two Canadian horses. They are considered a small draft horse and are remarkable and very versatile. Thankyou for sharing your story. - Catherine