heres what i want to know i have a step mom who thinks me and

United States
December 21, 2006 9:57am CST
my husband cant do anything. she helped us get into the house were in now 4 years ago when neither of us has stable job blah blah now we both have stable jobs making alot an hour we make enough to pay out bills and live nicely, were now looking for a new house and everything we find theres some reason of hers why we shouldnt get it.she puts down every idea we have and i dont think thats right of a parent to do that. she even told me i shouldnt go back to school! im just wondering when is the time you stop listenin to your parents and do what you want to do. we have out own family now were 25 and she still tells us what to do but dont want to pay any of our bills, is it time we tell her to BUTT out and mind her own business, she thinks noone is better than her!
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