Do you follow any criterion or criteria while selecting a friend in mylot?

December 28, 2006 11:32am CST
I have a few friends in mylot, not many . I have not followed any criteria so far on selection . But I think one should . Because, if you don't feel some real attraction it becomes difficult to do justice to the friendship and suatain it . And in my case I feel guilty of not doing justice to many of my friends here . Many times I fail to respond to their discussions . I would like to take this opportunity to apologise for my failure . That is why now on I have decided to be selective while choosing freinds and to keep the number small. But I don't mean in any sense that I don't like those whom I don't offer my friendship . In fact I spend very little time on mylot and also that my typing speed is low . As a result, I have to concentrate on discussions only and responses which are essentially of general nature which is not in case of private messaging . Now what I want know is do you follow any specific criterion in this espect?
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@edigital (2710)
• United States
25 Jun 07
I have many friends but most of them are not friendly because when I write them saying he how are you what did you do today and what is country's weather and how you feel today etc., they do not reply - I guess most of them made friendship with me to feed me their link for free sign up, what link they give me I do not like or I already sigen up. Before sending link they write such way that feel like a real friend, but when I do not sign up using their link, they turn their face to dark (their real picture is dark in mind). I damn it and do not care. Of course I have 3 real friend who do not send link or do not want to turn their face from my mail - when I write them they reply same day or next day. One from China, One from Philippines and one from USA (USA friend now become my closest relation also) - a real friend they are and I am their too. Thanks myLot that we 4 peoples tied ourselves through myLot friendship. Our friendship criteria is not much - just a chat for fun, just mails exchange to know about our personal life, our country's lifestyles, country and people etc. Any co-operation needed or can do (we do it for each other), no gridyness, no personal benefit or money making matter, no cheat. Just a thrust of knowing for knowledge and getting fun when bored. We do not care for mylot response when we exchange mails through mylot messages system - we forget for earning, we become fond of writing through mylot message. This is our criteria. And I think this should be nice criteria for friendship from far of away friends.