Which blog host do you use?

United States
September 27, 2006 9:14pm CST
Do you blog on writingup.com. bloggerparty.com, blogger.com, livejournal.com or another blogging site? Why did you choose that particular one?
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@wsue1023 (1396)
• United States
29 Sep 06
I use blogger, but would like to look at some other sites, so I'd be interested in knowing what everyone else uses too. I've had good experiences with blogger. What about everyone else?
@threnos (216)
• Canada
20 Jun 09
I use livejournal or wordpress. Livejournal I started to join communities for and wordpress was to talk with a Stargate Atlantis writer/producer.
@ip5217 (1655)
• Philippines
26 Mar 09
I use blogger.com because it's easy to use. I haven't tried the rest yet. I am so proud of my choice.
@Jamdin (110)
• United States
27 Dec 06
I started my first blog on livejournal because my friend's wife had a journal there and I wanted to make a comment on some of her posts. She has since went friends-only and I'm excluded from that list. I have started blogs on other hosts but I continue to keep posting at livejournal.
@dellion (6706)
• Malaysia
16 Oct 06
I just try on blogger.com.
• United States
16 Oct 06
I used to use livejournal, but over the past year I've stopped visiting the site and updating.